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What is the Real State Testing Story?

Out with the old and in with the new. That has been the cycle of Kentucky’s testing system. Over the past 20 years, we have had KIRIS, CATS, KCCT, and KPREP. The KPREP system has recently been abolished with the approval of Senate Bill 1 this past spring in legislative session. With that said, all of the old point systems and labels such as District of Distinction, Priority, Focus, etc. are null and void.

The Kentucky Department of Education has declared that we are in a time of transition where no schools will receive overall points or labels. Instead, the School Report Card or SRC, located on KDE’s website has a short message from the commissioner and launches the new reporting system to place the focus on schools making sure students are reaching proficiency.

Russell Independent is doing just that. We have continued our focus to ensure all of our students are reaching proficiency. Russell Independent encourages our community to read the Proficiency results compiled in this article as they reflect the Department of Education’s information on the School Report Card.

Russell Independent leads in ACT, Graduation Rate, and Proficiency Results.


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