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1.25.18 SEAN HORNE Special Edition
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We need your help! Please contact our Legislators and Governor Bevin to expresshow detrimental this proposed budget would be to public education. Our community needs to be involved as well. While we do not anticipate all of the following items will become law during this Legislative Session, please encourage everyone you know to contact the Legislators and Governor Bevin.


County Retirement Match:

This has already been enacted; the amount we must match for Classified Employees Retirement is approximately an additional $230,000 for the 2018-2019 School Year. Our current year budget for 2017-2018 match is $486,000.


Proposed Changes in the Governor's Budget HB 200-Education Budget Related Items SEEK

Although maintaining the same base amount per student, SEEK has not had an increase since 2015. Transportation Funding is part of SEEK.


Transportation Cuts: Last year our transportation cost was $583,000-with the proposed cuts our District would have to come up with $409,000 in the 18-19 school year to fund Transportation. In 2005 the state reimbursed districts for 98% of the transportation cost; in 2017 districts were reimbursed for 62%; in the new proposed budget transportation is only funded at 25% of estimated cost.


State Grant Cuts:

There is no proposed funding for the following grants related to our District:

  • Family Resource Youth Services Centers
  • Professional Development
  • Instructional Materials and Supplies (K-8 Materials and Textbooks)
  • Safe Schools
  • Extended School Services
  • Preschool
  • Gifted Programs
  • Community Education
  • Read toAchieve

This would be a total loss of $520,000 for our District .


Health Insurance:

It is not clear how this will effect school distr icts. Possible cost to our District could reach $250,000.


District Administrative Expenditures:

The proposed budget states that all Districts shall reduce their FY 2017-18 actual administrative expenditures by 12%. In FY 2019-20, school districts shall further reduce their administrative expenses by additional 12%. The reductions are to be moved into Instruction. This is not solely related to salaries and benefits. Please keep in mind the proposed cuts will not translate into more teachers or aides in the classroom I Aside from salaries and benefits, expenditures in these areas include: Retirement Sick Leave (30% payout upon retirement); Insurance for the District (Property, Educators Legal Liability, General Liability, Student Accident, Unemployment and some Worker's Compensation); Payroll, Accounts Payable, and all Principal's Office functions-which includes Secret ari es, Bookkeepers, Materials and Supplies (including copiers).


Total Reduction would be in excess of $600,000 for these areas over the Biennium. It also involves what the State pays for Health Insurance and Retirement Mat ches for staff members. Of the $600,000, appro ximately $100,000 would be related to those type costs for which we have no control.


If a portion or all of the above were enacted it would directly affect programs, staffing and classroo ms. It would be impossible to obtain the needed amounts without looking at every area of our budget. We could not increase revenue or reduce salary percentages enough to obtain the amount s needed. Staffing would be a large part of the consideration.


The following information was sent from the Kentucky School Boards Association on January 25, 2018:

HB 242 filed yesterday that would abolish all existing school boards and school districts, and re-create them to consist of only 55 school districts, merging many districts with seemingly no methodology to base the new boundaries on. This would occur over a 2-year period, with the state board largely being in complete control of all school affairs in the meantime (including "managing" literally all school property in the stat e). Please call the LRC Message Line today and tell your legislators that for a whole host of reasons they should not even bring HB 242 to a hearing , and that they must instead focus on fully investin g in our students in the budget bill and consider tax reform as part of that process.

Ev iscerating our cherished community schools and gutting staff are not the answers to the problems we face! That number is 1-800-372-7181


Contact Information:

LRC Message Line 1-800-372-7181


Governor Bevin https:// /


Senator Robin Webb


Representative Danny Bentley


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