Director: Greta Casto
Phone:  (606) 836-2090

Curriculum / Assessment / Professional Development

Chief Academic Officer: Heather Aldrich
Phone: (606) 836-5824

Family Resource Youth Services Center

Coordinator:   Becky Roark
Program Secretary:  Michelle Law
Phone (606) 833-1089
Fax (606) 834-9300

Food Service

All School Breakfasts $1.00
Primary and Intermediate School Lunches $2.30
Middle and High School Lunches $2.50
*À la carte items are billed separately

Gifted / Talented

Director of Gifted Education: Susan Williams
Phone: (606) 833-2221

Russell Preschool Programs

Director of Preschool Programs: Kim Staton
Phone: (606) 836-0007

Special Education

Director of Special Education: Amy McGuire
Office: (606) 836-1881


Russell Board of Education
908 Powell Lane
Flatwoods, KY 41139

Office: 606-836-9679
Fax: 606-836-2865


Chief Information Officer/District Technology Coordinator: Greta Casto
Network Administrator: Ashley Dillon
District Technician: Sam Malone
District Technician:  James McCracken
Phone: (606) 836-2090


Transportation Manager: Ted Hall