DATE:October 19, 2018


Contact: Karen McCuiston Ky Center for School Safety Resource Center Director

Phone: 270-556-0348






Every third week of October (Bullying Prevention Month), schools across Kentucky have an opportunity to partner with their local lawmakers, first responders and community to observe Kentucky Safe Schools Week. This week provides an opportunity for awareness of school safety issues and initiatives to be discussed and enhanced at the local and state level. This year Kentucky Center for School Safety is proud to announce Kentucky Safe Schools Week is set for October 21–27, 2018. This year's theme is “BE INCREDIBLE, Reveal Your Superhero!”  Kentucky Center for School Safety encourages community members, educators, students and parents to participate during Kentucky Safe Schools Week.

As schools from east to west prepare for safe school week activities emphasis this year is being placed on our incredible Kentucky students. Being incredible is simply being the best you can possibly be. Every student has incredible super skills and talents that make them unique and strong. We are asking our incredible students to ban together with school staff and the community to create a safe “family-like” culture at school. Incredible super powers can be used fighting against bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, conflict, hate and violence while spreading empathy, compassion and respect. As quoted from the Disney “Incredibles 2” movie “It’s time to make some wrong things right, help us bring Supers back into the sunlight.”

Fighting to solve these issues may be as easy as leaving an online tip. Students can be a “Silent Hero” and help without fear of retaliation. The Kentucky Center for School Safety offers to partner with schools and provide a “free” online reporting tool, the S.T.O.P! TIPLINE. The tip line encourages students, parents or community members, who know of an unsafe situation in school, to anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by using a digital format. Check it out at

During Safe Schools Week the KCSS website supplies a variety of teaching aids along with the online pledge against bullying and Kentucky Safe Schools Week Tool Kit loaded with resources such as daily announcements, activity pages, PowerPoint presentations, lessons, videos, scenarios, interactive websites and much more.  Resources will also be available for school administrators, parents and community involvement at

This year’s online pledge against bullying highlights the word SUPER and the qualities necessary to bring "Supers" into the sunlight!

S-Strong, U-Understanding, P-Powerful, E-Encouraging and R-Respectful!

The Kentucky “BE INCREDIBLE, Reveal Your Superhero!” campaign is sponsored by the Kentucky Center for School Safety. This observance coincides with the national campaign. America’s Safe Schools Week is sponsored by the National School Safety Center. “I support and encourage all Kentuckians to participate and bring awareness and support to safety issues in the schools across our Commonwealth. Joining together, we can make a personal commitment to reduce intimidation and harassment in our schools, while we work to improve culture and build meaningful relationships.” said Jon Akers, Executive Director, KCSS.






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