Latin Convention 2018 Results

Results Latin Convention 2018

We went to Latin convention this weekend and had a very successful convention!



A) 1st place Dodgeball



A) 1st place Daily spirit away (1st and 3rd day), and 2nd place on 2nd day (Meme T-Shirt on this day created by Jocelyn Martin)

Spirit leaders: Mattie Hale, Mackenzie Cole, Joe Ewing, Grant Darnell, Nate Perry, Braydon Pack, and Gabi Griffith (head)

If you have Gabi Griffith in class, please congratulate her. She was chosen by me to be head Spirit leader, and she was one of the best I ever had. She truly became a leader


B) Our Banner won 2nd place overall (idea by planning committee (Latin 3, 4, and 5), created by Leela Jackson, Nick Sabotchick, William Scott, Barrett Blevins, Joe Ewing, Jocelyn Martin, Gabi Griffith, Luke Russell, and Grant Darnell)




Latin I (out of 60 students)

1) Grace Satterwhite: 9th place reading comprehension


Latin III (out of 50 students):

1) Grammar:

William Scott (6th); Nick Mineer (7th); Grant Darnell, Brayden Pack, Joe Ewing (All tied for 10th)


2) Mottos & Abbreviations: Brayden Pack (10th)


3) Reading Comprehension Poetry

Brayden Pack (1st); Luke Russell (2nd); Barrett Blevins, Will Scott (tied 3rd); Gabi Griffith (8th); Nate Perry (10th)


4) Reading Comprehension Prose

Grant Darnell (1st); Nick Mineer (9th)


Latin IV (out of 30 students)

1) Vocabulary

Mackenzie Cole (8th)


2) Reading Comprehension Poetry

Mattie Hale (8th)

3) Reading Comprehension Prose

Mattie Hale (6th). (Mattie has placed every year since 8th grade on a test.)


Classical Art:

Nate Perry (2nd); Mattie Hale (4th)

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