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Entrepreneur Shout Out!!!  Thank  you, Mrs. Wilburn, for making this opportunity happen!


Please congratulate the following students on their big win in the Glockner Dare-To-Dream Pitch Contest last night.  Due to social distancing, this year’s pitches were filmed at Shawnee State University last Wednesday.  Last night, the students’ pitches were delivered live on YouTube and Facebook, and the students connected virtually with local business owners and Dare-To-Dream judges for the question-and-answer session from our classroom.   

  • Autumn Jeffrey, Gracie Bates, and Jasmine Webb won 1st place in the Tri-State and $6,000 cash for their Locked and Loaded Game Birds.  They won an additional $200 for having an idea that reduced the carbon footprint, and an additional $250 for being a viable business idea that is practical, has low start-up cost, and ready to go.  Their total winnings are $6,450.  Autumn operates guided pheasant hunts.  Under their new business model, their company will rent guns, provide ammo, bird dogs, group photos, and clean the birds for the ultimate “Locked and Loaded” hunting experience. 
  • Eric Williams, Daniel Blanton, and Ben Hammond won 3rd place in the Tri-State and $4,000 cash for their Batter's Eye.  They were awarded an additional $250 for being one of the most viable business ideas.  Their total winnings are $4,250.  Eric Williams has had his t-shirt business operating since August 2020.  He designs baseball logs and apparel.  He has connected with MLB baseball players for professional endorsements.  They wear his gear on the field and promote his brand.  He has also connected with a baseball podcast with 16,000 followers and influencers that endorse his gear.  Check out his website at https://batters-eye.com/
  • Brody Stump, Garrett Wilburn, and Elijah Abdon won 4th place in the Tri-State and $3,000 cash for their business plan Boujee Backyard BBQ.  Boujee was awarded an additional $400 for being the best idea for reducing the carbon footprint and an additional $250 for being one of the most viable business ideas.  Their total winnings are $3,650.  They have designed and welded grill grates for stone firepits and fabricated a smoker and are taking orders for their products.  Boujee has also formulated its own Boujee Backyard Blend dry rub for smoking meat to distribute for marketing purposes, and eventually for resale. 


So proud of these entrepreneurs & Mrs. Wilburn!!!!  They are very impressive.   

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February is Career & Technical Education Celebration Month!!!!

We are so proud of our Programs & Teachers here at the RATC!!!

RATC Teacher Spotlight - Mr. Brent Fields

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RATC Teacher Spotlight - Mr. Aaron Woolum

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RATC Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Andrea Rose

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RATC Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Melissa WilburnImage.jpeg

RATC Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Jennifer Phipps


Mrs. Phipps & her students went on a virtual field trip today through Sullivan University's Tech Expo.  It was a great experience!  Students were able to tour IT Programs and see the technology side of Interior Design, HVAC, and Graphic Design.  Thanks, Mrs. Phipps, for making this happen!!!


RATC Graduate Spotlight - Lauren Conley (2018):

Lauren Conley is a 2018 Russell High graduate and completed the Business and Marketing Program at Russell Area Technology Center. She continued her education at Northern Kentucky University, where she is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Business Administration. She has worked for the Keeneland Ambassador Program and the summer of 2020, Lauren completed an internship with Great American Insurance. She is currently completing an internship with Ernst and Young, CPA in Cincinnati. Ernst and Young is one of the Big Four accounting firms in the nation. Lauren competed with thousands of students, and not only did she manage to score a full-time intern spot through the busy audit and tax season, but she also has a full-time staff position with the firm waiting on her after graduation! She says, “I definitely got my foot in the door with EY by working for Great American in their internal audit department. Great American is a client of EY.” She says, “although the internship is entirely virtual, I’ve learned more in these past three weeks than a classroom could ever offer. She added, “I have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am and very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of one of the top accounting firms in the world. Here’s to the rest of busy season 2021!” Lauren plans to complete her Masters’ in Accountancy at NKU before working for Ernst and Young full time. It’s the Russell Way – Where Tradition Meets Excellence. We are so very proud of Lauren’s accomplishments!!

National Technical Honors Society!!!

Congratulations to:

Dustin Bostick

Kendall Looney

Joshua Sorrell

These young men were accepted into the National Technical Honors Society!!!  We are so proud of them!  Thank you, Mrs. Phipps, for bringing this opportunity to the RussellATC!!!  

Business & Management & FBLA with Mrs. Melissa Wilburn  -  Mrs. Wilburn and her seniors are preparing for their Certification Testing!  We are excited for them to test and be certified as they graduate!  FBLA is registering for the State Competition!  So proud of Mrs. Wilburn!  The future is NOW in our Business Program!!!   

Computer-Aided Drafting & Design & SkillsUSA with Mr. Shawn Parsons - SkillsUSA is in full swing with active membership and exciting plans!  Way to go, Mr. Parsons!  Mr. Parsons has many senior concentrators working hard to attain their Certification in CAD as well!  We are proud of Mr. Parsons and our students!!!  The future is NOW in our CAD Program!

Computer Science & National Technical Honors Society & FBLA with Mrs. Phipps - We have several members who have been accepted into the National Technical Honors Society thanks to Mrs. Phipps!  We are so proud of Mrs. Phipps and our students who have been accepted!!  Also, Mrs. Phipps and her seniors are gearing up for Certification testing!  The future is NOW in our Computer Science Program!

Electricity & SkillsUSA with Mr. Brent Fields - We are so proud of Mr. Fields and his students!  Their Industry Certification process is made up of over 20 individual tests!  Many of our seniors have come in to complete these tests toward their certification during our small group time!  Thank you, Mr. Fields, for making this happen & thank you students for coming in to get it done!  So proud of Mr. Fields and our seniors!  The future is NOW in our Electricity Program!  

Health Science - Medicaid Nurse Aide & HOSA with Ms. Sherrie Layne - We are so proud of our Medicaid Nurse Aide Pathway and students!  MNA is offered for Dual Credit through ACTC this year!  This is a great opportunity for our students to springboard into Nursing at the College level and be hired with a Nursing Home/Residential Facility upon Certification!  So proud of Ms. Layne & our MNA students!  The future is NOW in our Pre-Nursing Program!

Health Science - Clinical Medical Assisting & HOSA with Mrs. Andrea Rose - This is a NEW Pathway for our Pre-Nursing Program!!!!  Our Pre-Nursing students are coming in for clinical skills training in small groups to prepare for their industry certification testing.  They are being introduced to phlebotomy, EKG, scheduling, and so much more!  So proud of Mrs. Rose & our students!!!!  The future is NOW in our Pre-Nursing Program!

Welding & SkillsUSA with Mr. Aaron Woolum - Mr. Woolum and our seniors have been working so hard in small groups to attain their Certification!  They are also designing and building real world projects to apply the technical welding skills they are learning!  We are so proud of our Mr. Woolum, our students, and their hard work!  The future is NOW in Welding!!!  


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We are so excited to have our students back in person!!!

Watch the video below made by Mrs. Thompson to explain how we will be re-opening the week of January 11th!  Can't wait to see you!!!!



  Pin on Fondos de pantalla en movimiento    Students & Parents: Check out this cool video about Career and Technical Education (CTE)!  It is just under 3 minutes long, but it explains how valuable joining our CTE pathways can be for your student!!!  The future is NOW!!!

Exciting News!! | Art Amino

Dual Credit Announcement for Students (taking Dual Credit) at RussellATC:

The last day to withdraw/drop a dual credit course is Friday, January 22nd.  In order to withdraw or drop a dual credit course, please send Mrs. Thompson an email from your high school student email stating you want to drop/withdraw from the dual credit course.  After this Friday, if you drop, you will have a "W" on your college transcript and you may be responsible for paying a fee to Ashland Community and Technical College.  If you have questions, please call 606-836-1256.  Thanks!


It time to apply for your Work Ready Scholarship(s)!!!! 

KHEAA has provided a tutorial set of directions on how to apply for our Work Ready Scholarships.  This is a VERY helpful document as it walks you through the application process by showing all the screens with arrows pointing to the links for you to apply.  Please take a moment and look through this document before beginning the process.

KHEAA Work Ready Scholarship Tutorial


You can apply NOW for the Work Ready Scholarship(s).  Every Sophomore, Junior, & Senior  gets two (2) Work Ready Scholarships to use on Technical Courses every year!  This means a Sophomore could earn dual credit for up to 6 technical course for FREE by the time they graduate!  This is a HUGE gift!!!  


 To apply, please go to the KHEAA website:


Steps to apply for Work Ready Scholarships:

1.  If you do not have a KHEAA Account setup already, please create a user account by clicking the "Sign In" Button and choosing "register" link.

2.  Once you have a KHEAA account, you can login.  Look at the top link choice "MyKHEAA - View Account Information" and click on this link.  

3.  On the next page, there should be a couple of links that say: "Dual Credit Scholarship" & "Work Ready Scholarship".  Click on the link for "Work Ready Scholarship".

4.  The next screen is your application.  Make sure to choose the following options when applying for Work Ready:

  • # of Work Ready Scholarships?:  Choose how many Work Ready Scholarships you are using.  You get two for this year.  If you are taking two dual credit courses, please select you want to use two.  If you are only taking one dual credit course, please choose one.  
  • College?:  Choose "Ashland Community & Technical College" as the College to receive your scholarship.  We only offer dual credit through ACTC. 
  • Semester?:  Choose the semester you want to use them.  Please choose "Spring" semester.  Our courses do not start until January, so they are Spring courses. 
  • If you have questions, please call us at 606-836-1256 or email stacey.thompson@russellind.kyschools.us

If you are taking more than 2 dual credit courses and you are a Junior or Senior, who has not used a Dual Credit Scholarship, you can apply for a Dual Credit Scholarship as well to cover the cost of your 3rd dual credit course.  Every Junior & Senior gets two Dual Credit Scholarships total to use during their Junior or Senior year.  You apply for Dual Credit Scholarships using your same KHEAA account as Work Ready & following the same steps.  Dual Credit Scholarship is separate and different than Work Ready Scholarships.  If you have questions, please call 606-836-1256 or email stacey.thompson@russellind.kyschools.us


RTD Catalogue - The Future Is Now Series

Dual Credit Courses through Ashland Community & Technical College

Mrs. Wilburn has developed excellent directions for her students to use to navigate the enrollment, orientation, and registration process for Dual Credit: Personal Finance.  Thanks, Mrs. Wilburn!  Click here for more.

Dual Credit - If you have not enrolled with ACTC as a student for dual credit, please use the link below to do so.  Dual credit is starting in January at the RATC!!!  Please read and follow directions in this letter to enroll as a student with ACTC and register for your Dual Credit Course(s).  On ACTC's Hub page, Ms. Vicki McGinnis has provided short video tutorials to help you.  Please make sure you go through the entire orientation process on this site to be fully enrolled.  Please visit this site to enroll with ACTC today:



Virtual Students are Welcome - Tuesday's & Thursday's

Unless our county is RED, Virtual Students are welcome to come in for Lab/Shop days on Tuesday's and Thursday's during your assigned class period.  You are not required to come both days or during all assigned periods.  If you can only come one period on one day, that will be fine.  We just want to give our Welding, Electricity, CAD, & Pre-Nursing students a chance for hands-on practice and skills preparation.  When we are in-person and have Virtual Wednesday's for all students, virtual students can schedule a time to work with their teacher in-person. If our county is RED, teachers will communicate with students to create a small group schedule for students to come in and work.  This is not required, but is optional.  Call 606-836-1256, if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.


Good Things Happening Now | Orlando Espinosa


KDE's Guide for Digital Learning

KDE has put out a Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide.  It provides great information and resources to help your student navigate this virtual learning time.  Visit the website below to access this Digital Learning Guide:



RATC's COVID Healthy@School Information

Healthy@School - Reopening Plan for RussellATC

Mrs.Thompson’s LIVE UPDATE


Watch this video tour of the RATC!!!

 Students, faculty/staff, and visitors will follow the Healthy @ School guidelines, which are as follows:

  • Faculty/staff, students, and all visitors must wear a mask at all times.  Masks must cover wearer’s nose and mouth completely.
  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival for all faculty/staff, students and visitors.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to stay at school.  Students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be placed in our isolation room (kitchen or copy room) and Nurse Jenny Bates will be contacted for further consultation.  Student’s parents will be contact to pick up student ASAP.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms, hallways, restroom areas, and front office of the school.  Students will be encouraged to use it upon entry and exit of classrooms and our building. 
  • Do NOT consume hand sanitizer.  It is poisonous. 
  • When our school is in session with in-person instruction occurring, parents and students will have the option of attending school in-person or virtually. Virtual students will be allowed to come to the RATC to their scheduled class to practice skills and meet with their teacher.  Teachers will create a schedule for virtual students to follow for coming into our building.
  • Below are some pictures from our building.  WE are ready for our students!  Thank you, Mr. Roy, for placing all of our floor stickers and signs throughout the building!  Can't wait for our students' return!!!

Front DoorsLobbyEntry Door to HallwayFront OfficeRestroomsBusiness HallwayMain HallwayCAD HallwaySign 1Sign 2Sign10Sign11Sign12Sign13Sign14Sign15

Scurry-Rosser ISD / Homepage

Required Enrollment Forms for the State

The State Enrollment Forms Packet for all 20-21 RATC students must be completed and returned to the RATC.  If you have not already completed and returned these forms to the RATC, please do so as quickly as possible.  Please click this link to the enrollment forms packet for your convenience.


Edmodo - RATC's Online Learning Platform

Students:  Are you struggling to login to EDMODO?  Don't despair!  Watch this quick video from Mrs. Phipps showing you how!  Thanks so much, Mrs. Phipps!!!


Please use the Edmodo website and NOT the app.


Please call (606-836-1256)  if you are having any issues logging or submitting assignments.  

Email:  Please check your school email account.  The link to your school email can be found on your high school's webpage under the "Student" drop-down menu.  Teachers will be communicating with you through your school email.  


Meet RATC's FABULOUS Teachers

Visit our "Building Teachers & Departments" link above to watch your teacher's Introduction/Welcome Video.  This is the place for you to view our Program Courses, Industry Certification/End of Program Testing, as well as meet your teacher virtually!  


Kentucky Tech's Vision & Mission

The vision of the Kentucky Board of Education is that each and every student is empowered and equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to pursue a successful future. Students moving to the next educational level or graduating from high school should be prepared to succeed in the next stage in their lives.

‚ÄčKentucky’s new accountability system supports this vision. One focus of the new accountability system is the development of students who are well-rounded, transition-ready, and prepared with knowledge, skills and essential dispositions to succeed in the next educational setting or career pathway.  Students ready for the next level are transition ready. Transition readiness is just one of six indicators in the new system that will be included at the high school levels.


Russell Independent Schools' Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire and empower all
students to reach their maximum potential:
one student, one lesson, one day at a time.


2020 Non-Discrimination Notice

KY TECH Russell Area Technology Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, or marital status in admission to career and technical education programs and/or activities, or employment practices in accordance with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Revised 1992, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The programs offered at the Russell Area Technology Center include:

  • Business & Marketing
  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
  • Computer Science
  • Electricity
  • Health Science
  • Welding

For more information contact:

Stacey Thompson, Principal

Russell Area Technology Center

705 Red Devil Lane, Russell, KY 41169



606-836-3784 (Fax)


News & Announcements

RussellATC Student Handbook

Our Handbook contains our Healthy@School Guidelines.  We are so excited for our students to return!

Infinite Campus Student/Parent Portal Directions

The RussellATC has it's own Infinite Campus(IC).  You cannot see your student's RATC grades using their home high school's IC.  

Please access the website below for the RATC Infinite Campus to see grades posted for the RATC courses.  


Once you are on this website, please click the link to the “Student Portal”.

UsernameStudent Number (10-digit; Also Home High School Student Number)
Password(all lowercase)First Letter(of FirstName)First Letter (of LastName)Birthdate(6-Digits) 

Watch this video showing you how to access IC link on our website.  Thanks, Mrs. Phipps!!!  


If you have questions, contact Stacey Thompson, RATC Principal, at (606) 836-1256 or via email, stacey.thompson@russellind.kyschools.us.  Thanks!

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