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A Message from the Counseling Office


The success of each student is extremely important to the Russell High School Counseling Office staff. We realize that the students of today face a variety of academic as well as personal and social challenges. These challenges can be most effectively met through open lines of communication. We encourage both students and parents to meet with us in order to facilitate a rewarding and enriching experience at Russell High School.








PHONE/FAX 606-836-6030




LOCATION:  Russell High School is a comprehensive, four-year public high school serving the areas of Russell, Flatwoods, and Bellefonte.  It is located in Greenup County.  The setting is suburban with a significant population employed in professional occupations.  Russell High School is a Kentucky Department of Education School of Distinction and is consistently ranked among the top high schools in the state. The Russell Independent School District received an overall distinguished rating by the Kentucky Department of Education.


FACULTY:  A staff of 55 instructors and administrators serve grades 9-12 with an enrollment of 650. Seventy five percent of the staff hold Masters’ Degrees or higher.


CURRICULUM: Students may enroll in college preparatory or technical courses.  Honors and AP® courses are offered in English, foreign language, mathematics, science, social studies, and art. The Air Force JROTC offers a four-year curriculum in Aerospace Science. College courses are offered through dual enrollment with Morehead State University and Ashland Community and Technical College (KCTCS). 


UNITS OF CREDIT: One unit of credit (One Carnegie Unit) is granted each year for satisfactory completion of each course.  Satisfactory completion would be defined as at least a “D” or 60% for the year.  Classes meet for 50 minutes, five times per week for thirty-six weeks. 


GRADE POINT AVERAGE & CLASS RANK: A cumulative average is calculated from the official record based on the grade from all classes taken beginning with the first semester of the 9th grade year or earlier if students take high school credit bearing courses in middle school.  Grade point averages carried out three places are listed in descending order to determine class rank.  Approximately 65% of the seniors will enroll in a four-year college or university, 25% will enter a two-year college and another 10% will receive technical training.  A small percentage of our students will enter the military for further training or begin employment.


GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS:  A total of 24 credits are required for graduation.  This total must include 4 units of English, 3 units of mathematics, 3 units of science, 3 units of social studies (1 must be in U.S. History), .5 units in physical education, .5 units in health, 1 unit in arts and humanities, and 9 elective courses.


GRADING:  The following grading scale is used:


A = 90%-100%

C = 70%-79%

F = below 60%

B = 80%-89%

D = 60%-69%



In regular classes quality points are as follows:            A=4,B=3,C=2,D=1,F=0

Classes designated Honors or AP® are weighted:      A=5,B=4,C=3,D=1,F=0


The following Honors Courses are offered at Russell High School:

Algebra II Classical Mythology Latin III & IV
Ancient Civilization College Algebra Physics I
Anatomy & Physiology English IV Pre-Calculus
Biology French III & IV Spanish III & IV
Chemistry I Geometry  


The following AP® Courses are offered at Russell High School:


Art History Human Geography Spanish Language & Culture
Art Portfolio Environmental Science Statistics
Biology European History 2-Dimensional Studio Art
Calculus French Language & Culture 3-Dimensional Studio Art
Chemistry Latin US Government & Politics
Comparative Government Language & Composition United States History
English Literature Physics World History


The following courses are dual enrollment/early college receiving credit at both Russell High School and Ashland Community and Technical College or Morehead State University:


Ancient Civilization Ant 241 Ashland Community & Technical College
Biology 105 Morehead State University
College Alg. Math 155 Ashland Community & Technical College
English 100 & 102 Morehead State University
Latin 101 & 102 Morehead State University
Gov't 102 & 141 Morehead State University
Spanish 101 & 102 Ashland Community & Technical College

These dual credit courses are considered honors courses and receive weighted credit on the high school transcript.



American College Test (ACT) 

2011-2012 147 20.9 21.1 21.8 21.3 21.4
2012-2013 163 20.2 20.4 21.4 20.7 20.8
2013-2014 153 21.0 20.5 21.8 21.3 21.3
2014-2015 145 20.8 21.2 21.4 20.9 21.2


Additional Info




Attention All Seniors


Counselors will share Success as a Senior with you during your Senior English Classes in preparation for one-on-one Senior Interviews!


Parents who wish to attend these appointments with students may schedule with the Counseling Office by calling 606-836-6030.

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Russell High School is proud to have numerous Advanced Placement courses available to its students.  The Advanced Placement program at Russell High School has been very successful in preparing students for college-level study and giving them the opportunity to earn college credit.  The College Board recognizes students for their exceptional achievement by naming them AP Scholars. 


Due to changes in the College Board’s ordering system for AP exams, students must inform their AP teachers by Tuesday, November 13 of their intent to take the AP exam.  Exams must be ordered by November 15.  After this date, there will be a $40 fee assessed for late ordering or for cancellation of an exam that has been ordered for the student.  After March 1, full price will be charged by the College Board if students decide not to take an exam that has been ordered for them.  AP exams are administered each year during the first two weeks in May.

The cost of each exam is $95. The fee must be paid by Wednesday, February 27.

AP Bulletin for AP Students and Parents   
Please see your counselor if you have questions.